Fresh from the Butcher!

Yesterday we spent an exhausting day off island. To me, saying we ‘went off island’ is very normal, but for those of you who haven’t spent your life on a 27 mile long island in the pacific, heres what it means. Our life revolves around the ferries, and there are three that leave from the island. One goes to Vancouver, and two go to Vancouver Island. We are smack dab in the middle. Of the two that go to Vancouver island, one goes to Victoria, and one goes to Crofton. Victoria is a major city, and on the very south tip of Van Island, and Crofton is close to a more manageable size city, Duncan, where we prefer to go. Duncan is below Nanaimo. Here is a map of where we are located. Salt Spring Island is our home!

So yesterday we had to take the ferry to Victoria, drop pork off (from pigs we slaughtered late last year) at a friends house and then drive up island to Duncan to pick up treats from the butcher! We do all of our own venison butchering, this is the first year we have brought meat we usually would have ground, to the butcher to get made into Chorizo, Hot Hot italian and Smoked Pepperoni. My my was it delicious! We had Chorizo for dinner and ate Pepperoni on the ferry coming back. While I don’t have any ‘after’ photos, here is a before!

Questions: Have you ever had venison?

If you have, do you regularly hunt it yourself, or is it a gift, etc?


3 thoughts on “Fresh from the Butcher!

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