8 Random Photos of the Past

A picture says 1,000 words, so let me give you 8,000 words! There is no chronological order to these, by the way.

1) When Mac was 8 days old, he was asked to be in a professional photo shoot for a friends company. Of course we said yes, and we packed up diaper bags, blankets and baby to head out. While we have many many cute photos from that day, this is the one where he had his first blow out diaper and the blanket he’s on, thus it became ours!

2) Here is the first time Mac was in a cloth diaper! He was 4 days old and I thought he looked adorable. We usually put covers on, but this picture is just the dipe.

3) Here are the cupcakes my sister and cousin made for my baby shower!

4) This is Elton Mac

5) Mac’s first time going to church at 4 days old!

6) My first mule deer. It blows any deer Cowboy has EVER gotten out of the water. Hah.

7) This is an ultrasound of my now 8 month old niece, when she was maybe 10 weeks along!

8 ) I’m mean aren’t I, to show you this photo? I got a call one day from Cowboy.

Cowboy: “Sooo…I just got out of the hospital…”

Me: “WHAT?!”

C: “I cut my hand at work and I needed stitches”


C: “Because you would have freaked out like you are now and driven to the hospital and had to wait here with Mac for hours with me”

Me: “Oh”

C: “See you at the end of the day”

Me: “Love you too”

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