Cow tongue delight!

It could be said that some not so average activities happen in our house. I know there is many others who do these, we have friends who do these very activities, but for most, they are foreign!

Let me make it not so foreign.

*Disclaimer: We are not professionals at this and are sharing for the fun of it*

Now, here’s that cow tongue!

This is it almost done cooking, but we have a few steps before getting to that point!

We killed a cow the day before and didn’t want to waste any parts. I had never eaten tongue, but my brother-in-law assured me that “If you boil it a long time and then fry it, it will be delicious!” (He still hasn’t convinced my sister, to eat it yet)

You start by taking the raw tongue and cutting off any stringy, fatty or grisely bits. It takes a bit of time unless you’re super handy with a knife like Cowboy and can show me up in 10 seconds flat! Put it in a pot and cover it with water. Bring this to a boil, then a simmer and do so for a few minutes. Oh about 120 will be good. After 2 hours, your tongue is going to look something like this.

For a cow, this is a small tongue, but it was a smaller cow. Leave the tongue to cool until you can readily handle it. At this point you skin the white layer off. There is some technique to this we haven’t figured out yet, because it was a heck of a time.

Slice the skinned tongue into 1/4 inch pieces, then in half to make them a few inches long. and set aside. This method of cooking can be used with cutlets of pork, chicken, venison, elk, moose, whatever you fancy! I did this with tongue and my sister used the same recipe to do moose steaks.

We’re going to make four bowls of ingredients now!

bowl #1-Milk, 1/2 c may be good, or you may need more, depending on how much you need.

bowl #2- 1/2 c flour, 1 tbsp garlic powder, 1 tsp salt and pepper to taste. (Onion powder here would add to it!)

bowl #3- Egg, scrambled. If you have lots of tongue, use two.

bowl #4- 1/2 c bread crumbs, and 2 tbsp mixture of dried herbs. I like thyme and parsley, dill would be good. Whats your family’s favourite? Use those! Optional, but delicious is 1/4 finely chopped nuts. This adds such a great flavour and texture to a breading.

Now we’re ready to get down and dirty!

Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat then add 2 tbsp oil.

Dip a piece of tongue in milk, then flour, then egg, then bread mixture. Easy as bowl 1, 2, 3, 4! Then put in the frying pan. Continue until you have a full frying pan. Depending on how fast you are, the tongue may need to be flipped before then. We want the breading to be a good golden brown, the meat is already well cooked, it’s just about the breading. Once browned on both sides put aside (a pan in a warm over works) and go through the bowl 1,2,3,4, fry pan, until all the tongue is done. Serve up time! We ate with rice and roasted vegetables.

The verdict? I loved the flavour, but the texture of tongue I just can’t do!

Coming up? A delicious canning recipe that can only be made at this time of year. Better get your jars ready!

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