Hiring a better Babysitter.

(These photos are from 14 months ago, Mac was 4 months old in the pictures)

Every parent has the stress of finding a babysitter at some point or another. It’s the tug and pull of wanting to go out, but not wanting to leave your child. Who can you trust? Who can you really trust? Here is a brief checklist that will help you narrow down your list.

Make sure they are skilled in the up to date and safe ways to bath your baby, should the need arise while you are gone.

Question them on what they would use to wipe off hands after feeding your child. Nobody wants sticky hands on furniture or clothes!

While it may seem like a good idea to pick Old Lady Johnson from next door, the risk of them falling asleep and your child jumping off the coffee table or eating all your chocolate stash is way too high.

On the other hand, an irresponsible teenage child of a friend of a friend who “Is so great with kids!” who will leave your child alone to be with their boyfriend, Spike, is not a good plan either

When it comes down to it, you want a babysitter who will kiss your childs boo boos to make them feel better

And play with your child, respecting them for the light of your life that they are!

It looks like Jake does pass the test. Babysitter hired!

Jake is my older sister’s dog who is very in love with Mac.

Pardon Mac’s outfit by the way, I don’t know WHAT I was thinking!


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