De-stress yourself

Big statement for me to make, eh? You’re thinking, okay, what makes her qualified to tell us about this?

Well, let my School of Hardknocks education teach you. In my family, that means that you’ve learned the hard way, you’ve been taught with real, raw materials, but you’ve come out better because of it.

Finding balance seems to be the ‘key’ everyone talks about,

but here is a little secret I’ve found. Inorder to get that balance? I need help. I need to relax and look at what is important. For me, it comes in forms of encouragement, a little push here and there, and a hand to hold me steady when I am about to go off the deep end

I need Cowboy to tell me it’s JUST FINE to have an easy dinner, that it’s OKAY to spend the morning outside with Mac, instead of tidy, tidy, clean, clean! In my mind, I know it’s okay, I know he will NEVER judge me if I spend the whole day in front of the fire eating bon bons. In fact, he would congratulate me, saying good for you! If I didn’t spend my whole day run off my feet. Encouragement from Cowboy, encouragement from the Lord, maybe an extra-long nap from Mac. All those help me.

When it comes to actual strategies?


Digging in the dirt and getting dirty is the best stress reliever there is. Working with the earth to grow a garden, or when it’s not that season, just playin’! It’s said that dirt as many natural de-stressers to help you relax.

Neat fact about livestock? I’ve got many of those. If a pig that lives in a concrete pen with access to no or old dirt, get sick, the best cure is dirt. If a few shovel fulls of dirt in their pen doesn’t make them better within a couple days, plieing them with tons of meds is going to be costly and ill effective. There are of course, exceptions to this, such as if it’s really cold and they get pneumonia.


Do something fun!

Splash in the water! You say it’s winter? I say towels on the floor and a rubbermaid tote full of warm water and containers! When we’re lucky enough for it to be summer, spend the afternoon at the beach. My mom used to pack us up after nap-time with a picnic lunch and tell my Dad to meet us at the beach after work!



Go out on a limb

Do something different, try something new! We have a list of “Do as a family” and “Do as a couple” for new things we want to try. Where we live, we don’t have many options, so most of these are trying new outdoor places, or getting dessert together at a new place. Trying something new as a couple, that you have never done before, is a learning experience that draws you together. Our newest thing? We do nightly devotional from The Daily Bread series. It’s a 10 minute time in the day where it’s just us after Mac has gone to bed, and we sit in front of the fireplace. Another new thing? We recently dove into the world of Asian cooking, with help from Jaden Hair over at . We have her book, and it’s made many fun evenings for us!


Take a moment

To think about all those little things you are thankful for. If God puts this much effort into the colouration of a teeny flower, then he’s put much more work into your life. He’s instilled all sorts of beautiful things to be thankful for. A list of ten things off the top of my head that doesn’t include people: Wood stove to keep us warm, the opportunity to go to school, enough wood to fill that wood stove!, freezer full of nutricious food, the knowledge of cooking, my wedding in June, Books to read, a phone to be in contact with family and friends, a wonderful Church to attend and the creative outlet that is this blog. (That means I am thankful for you!). It’s such a lift to think of all the wonderful things we are blessed with in our life that we take for granted. Don’t take anything for granted.



What does all this mean? It means that we need to get back to our roots, to our things we have long ago forgotten. Remember the little things you used to take Joy in before everything became industrialized. Take life back a notch! Take time for yourself!


Then, my friend, you’ll be sittin’ on top of the world.


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