Is knowing you have a full woodbox on your porch if it gets cold!



Practicum has been whooping my butt this week! Rest assured, I have some major baking in mind for the next few days…


3 thoughts on “Security

  1. must be not be very cold there, cause that’s a teenie woodpile and a teenie axe! haha. that woodpile would be gone in much less than a day up here!

    • We have a teeny fireplace and can only fill in with teeny pieces of wood! We like to use Cowboy’s hatchet because it’s the nicest. We have a big pile of wood behind our house, but then I’d have to get OFF the porch for it!

      • Also, it would take just a few pieces to get the fire going (plus kindling) and then one piece an hour bakes us out of here. Very efficient.

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