Dijon-Molasses Venison Stew

Need I say more?

Deep, dark, earthy stew that warms you to the bone!

If you’ve read about my Lemon Dill Venison Stew, you’ll I have a slightly different way of making a stew. I like to cut half of the vegetables into a 1/4 inch dice and the other half into a 1 inch dice. The small veg get cooked for a while on their own with liquid so that they are a close to a mush, and the other half get chucked in 45 minutes before the end so that they retain their shape. I’ve been trying to use up some jars of venison stew meat we’ve did in 2009, so I’ve been using it a lot!

Cut first batch of carrots, potatoes and parsnips into a 1/4 inch dice.

In a large pot, I use an enameled cast iron dutch oven, lightly brown and melt bacon fat on medium heat. Yes, I just said bacon fat. You will not regret this. I buy bacon ends and pieces, because instead of $17 a lb for primo bacon, it’s $9 a lb. While there is fat chunks in there, I save them for things like this. I also added a bit of oil because there wasn’t quite enough fat.

Chuck garlic and ginger in the pot and saute until fragrant. Then throw in the carrots and parsnips. We want them to get good and golden, as they have such natural sweetness.

Let it brown for a few minutes until it looks like this

Nice and golden, starting to get soft, unlocking the natural sweetness! Oh so yum. If you’re using fresh meat, not canned meat, throw it in now and let it brown.

Then put the potatoes in and let them start to get some colour. Pour in the broth and water to cover. I used about 3 cups broth and topped it off with a cup or two of water. If you have meat in there, it won’t completely cover. Add molasses and malt vinegar,

Crank the heat and let it come to a boil. When it comes to a boil, turn to medium low and cover. Allow it to simmer for an hour or so, and it will look something like this

Oh so beautiful. The veg have soaked up the molasses and broth colour! Oh yes. yes. yes. yes.

You can turn off the heat and let it sit until 45 minutes before you’re ready to eat, or do this right away.

Fish out the ginger and add largely chopped potatoes, carrots and parsnips and the quart jar of venison. Cook for 20 minutes with the lid, then take the lid off and cook until all the veg are cooked and the liquid is at a level you like. I had to add another 2 cups water. When you’re just about to serve, stir in the dijon mustard and serve up!

The black bits you see are peppercorns from the jar of venison. You could add some at the beginning, or just use ground pepper to taste. This serves 6 big bowls at least.

Dijon-Molasses Venison Stew

6 medium potatoes

6 medium carrots

6 small parsnips

5 cloves garlic

1/3 c bacon fat

1 tbsp oil, optional

2 chunks ginger, about the size of your thumbs

2 tbsp molasses

2 tbsp malt vinegar

beef broth, venison broth or water

salt and pepper to taste

1 quart jar venison stew meat or 2 lbs fresh/defrosted venison stew meat (Puhleeease substitute for any other red meat you have)

1 tbsp dijon mustard

Chop half of the veg into 1/4 inch dice, the other half into 1 inch dice. Put a heavy bottomed pot (I use an enameled cast iron pot) on the stove at medium heat. Put chopped bacon fat and oil in there and saute until melted and kinda browned. Add garlic and ginger. Add small dice carrots and parsnips and saute until golden and brown. Add meat if not using canned and brown. Add potatoes, broth(or water), malt vinegar and molasses. Make sure the liquid covers if no meat, or just about covers if no meat. Bring to a boil, reduce and cover to cook for an hour. Put aside until 45 minutes away from dinner. Add large chopped potatoes, carrots and parsnips, canned venison and salt and pepper. Cook on medium, covered for 20 minutes, then uncover and cook until veg are done and liquid is at desired level. I added more water here. Stir in dijon mustard and serve!


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