Dinner tip #1

Get your munchkins to help. They love it! Pull up a stool or a chair, and include them. It doesn’t even have to be part of your actual dinner prep. Mac just loves to help!

In the picture, I was making dinner and gave him a couple cups and water so that he felt like he was doing a part. Sometimes I’ll give him a butter knife and a carrot on the counter beside where I am chopping food for dinner. Before you know it, they’ll actually be helping with dinner! From scrubbing potatoes, peeling carrots, ripping apart herbs, stirring bowls that aren’t on the stove, cutting mushrooms with a butter knife!

Here is a little Child Development fact for you…pouring water, is amazing for small motor development. Let it go if they spill, it doesn’t really matter.

Little things help, and especially if you have a son, his future partner/wife/girlfriend, will thank-you!

p.s. I am sooo glad my shoes are in order in this photo! They are usually strewn half across the room by Mac, who insists on dumping them out of the milk crate to use the milk crate as a stool and help me.

p.p.s. Cowboy? If you’re reading this? I would really really like your to build me a stool for him.

p.p.s.s. Cowboy? Pronto. My shoes thank you.


2 thoughts on “Dinner tip #1

    • Thanks,
      Cowboy didn’t comment on the ending. When I told him, he just said “Okay, ummm, how do I use the oven as a toaster since we don’t have a darn toaster?”

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