Homemade Convenience #1-Sandwich Meat

**Update July 2013…this post is badly in need of some new photos and it’s on my to do list! Bear with me if you’re reading it before then**

When I see deli meat, I shudder. If I have to buy it, I’ll only buy organic. The amount of recalls on deli meat alone is tremendously huge and disgusting. Listeria? No thanks.

Cowboy loves to take sandwiches in his lunch. For about two weeks. Then he gets tired and takes something else for a few weeks. We go through cycles. Sandwiches, trailmix, lotsa fruit, home for soup. The other problem, is that when it comes to making lunches, I’m lazy. I want to make something once, and it feed him for a week!

So I make and slice venison for sandwiches, freezing all but 3 days worth, and then he makes his own sandwiches. If I don’t, he won’t bring anything, or, I’ll get a call if I’m in town, asking me to pick him up lunch. Then, I have to *shudder* go to the deli!

Your cheapest deli meat is $1.50/100g, or $6.80/lb. If you want something beyond preformed blah, you are paying close to twice that. I’m not up to date on what a roast costs in the store, but I’m guessing you can get a halfway decent for for less than $13/lb.

So it’s way more economical AND doesn’t have nitrates, sulphates, preservatives AND tastes waaay better. With just a bit of simple prep every week or two, you too can have this!

This year was the first time I specifically butchered parts of a deer to get roasts for sandwich meat, labeling them SW M/10 (Sandwich Meat/2010). The funny part was, I gave away one of those roasts to a cousin of mine (I pay her for babysitting with meat!) and she called me “Ummm, Kate, what does SW M mean on a package of meat?” I just laughed and told her it was a nice roast.

Enough with the rambling eh, just get to the recipe!

Get yourself a medium quality roast. Talk to you butcher about all these sorts of things, they really do love to help. I’m assuming you’ll be using beef, but hoping you’ll be using venison, moose or elk! This recipe is for a similar red meat.

We’re going to make a rub for the meat in a little bowl. It’ll have coarse/kosher salt, whole peppercorns, whole fennel seeds and minced garlic. Put a cast iron skillet (Or other oven safe pan) on medium high. While that’s heating up, rub oil on the roast, then rub just over half the salt mix on. When the pan is hot, using tongs to assist you, brown on all sides. Make one of the large sides your last one to brown, and once it’s sizzling on the pan, pour on the leftover rub, because they’ll be a bit.

Cover with tinfoil and an oven safe heavy lid, then place in a 350F oven for about 40 min. (20 min per lb). This yields you a not quite well done roast, which is ideal for sandwiches.

When it’s done, let it cool off then place on a cutting board

This roast had two muscle groups to it, and to make cutting easier, I seperated them. A good sharp knife is going to be your friend.

Slice to desired thinness

I freeze all but 3 days worth because I don’t want it to go bad.

I can of course tell you, that this is amazing and I ate both of the ends because we all know those are thee best part of a roast!

Venison Sandwich Meat

2-3 lb medium quality roast


1 tbsp coarse salt

1 tbsp whole peppercorns

4 garlic cloves, minced

1 tsp whole fennel seeds

Oven to 350F. Cast iron pan on medium high. Mix together salt, pepper, garlic and fennel. Rub oil on meat, then 2/3’s of salt mix on meat. Brown all sides in pan, leaving a large side for last. When the last side is being browned, pour the last of the salt mix on top and cover with tinfoil and a oven safe lid. Cook for 20 min a pound, or 15 minutes it you want it more rare. Let it sit atleast 15 min covered before slicing to desired thickness. Freeze all but a three days supply.

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