Every now and again you have to get things off your back, tell someone to unburden yourself.

So here goes nothing…


#1 My kitchen is such a mess, I just did the dishes last night? How did it get like that so fast? Oh, and I have no plans to do them tonight.


#2 When I put Mac to sleep, I leave a lamp on and read a book. Sometimes it can take 45 minutes of laying down with him. So if for some reason it only takes 20 min…I just keep on reading! And then if Cowboy comes to take a peek on us, I say he just fell asleep and I’m giving it another minute before getting up 🙂


#3 Tonight I complained about how full I was from dinner. (I’ll post the recipe soon. Think Black Pepper. Sausage. Rice. Amazing!) Then I promptly whipped cream to go with cake from the other night. And a bit of blackberry sauce…And ate a whole whack of it.


#4 I washed a load of wool socks a few days ago and forgot about them. Then I rewashed them with great intentions of hanging them up before they got smelly again. Well guess what I forgot about again…


#5 Thats not the first time I’ve done that. I once forgot about a load of towels 3 times before finally hanging them up right away!


Speaking of sidetracked…We were heading to milk a few years ago when we saw this deer. It was just before dark and I said “Let’s get ‘er!” Cowboy said, “I can’t use my rifle, that’s illegal here” (Only shotguns and bows on our island. He had just moved to the island) I said “You have a shotgun inside! I’ll get a slug!”

We ended up having to milk in the dark with headlamps. So worth it! He tasted so good.

#6 The other morning I was super tired because Mac hadn’t slept well. He went straight to the kitchen and pointed at the container of these cookies. I weighed my options…Make him a breakfast that will take time and have to sit and feed it to him…or let him have a cookie and go lay on the couch for half an hour of peace and quiet while he enjoys his cookie. You know which one I chose. That half an hour was so amazing.

#7 The other morning Cowboy was working just two minutes away from home and he knew the other guys would be late because it was far for them to go to work (He usually leaves at 7:20) so he stayed home until I left at 8:10 and helped me get Mac ready for the day. When he was getting dressed, Mac was in the bedroom and I heard him say “Oh, where did you get that from?” Turns out, the other morning, he didn’t finish his cookie, he hid it in the bedroom, and re-found it again. Oh dear.

He enjoyed it.


Wow! That felt great to get it off my back. Do you have any lighthearted confessions to make today? Share ’em, I’d love to hear it!


Why yes, that is cider and beer bottle chugging at my baby shower! We put lamb nipples (For when you have orphan lambs) straight on the bottles. Who wants to chug milk or juice from a baby bottle when you could do this? My aunt on the right won.

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