Homemade Convenience #2- Guilt free Juice

Kids love juice.

Parents love to make kids happy.

Parents hate hyped up kids from sugar-laden juice.

Parents hate additives and price of store bought juice.

Enter…the ‘juice’ in our family!

Cowboy wants something thirst quenching when he gets home. He wants juice, pop, beer, anything but water. Whereas I could drink water all day all year and always be happy. My Mom and I are the people who ask for “Just water please” when we’re at a restaurant. So boring, eh!


So I make iced tea by the gallon and put it on the porch in quart mason jars. If I buy juice, it’s organic apple juice from local farms, and it’s amazing. But it’s also $6 for 2 litres. Not exactly something you want to be swigging back on a regular basis.

I can make a gallon of iced tea for the cost of:

1 lemon= 50 cents

3 tea bags= 15-25 cents each (Depending if you buy them on sale or not)

1/4 cup honey= 85 cents. (We only buy good quality local honey.)

So the total cost for 4 litres of iced tea is $2.10. Pretty darn reasonable for that much juice?

And, I don’t feel guilty about giving Mac a glass of it. It’s not very sweet, but it’s very flavourful and thirst quenching when you need that!


Last night Mac threw up because he wasn’t feeling well. Instead of giving him a bottle of milk, which would make him throw up again, I gave him a bottle this, which acts like electrolytes, or Pedialyte.


In a 5 quart pot, fill with 4 quarts water (A quart is similar to a litre) and put on the stove on high heat. Put your tea bags and honey. Squeeze each lemon quarter, then drop the slice in.

Stir around to dissolve the honey (Doing so before the water is warm is fruitless and way too labour intensive)

Once it’s close to a boil, turn off the heat, put on a lid and leave overnight.

I’m sure you don’t really need to leave it overnight. But I always put this together as Cowboy is grinding coffee beans and getting his pot o’ coffee ready for the morning so he just has to turn it on when he wakes up. Then it gently and strongly steeps overnight.

Pluck out the tea bags and lemons and pour into jars to store in the fridge or outside if it’s cold enough/not too cold (Don’t want frozen!)


Guilt free kid friendly juice

1 lemon, scrubbed and quartered

1 mint tea bag

2 fruity tea bags. (Any will do, they don’t have to be the same either)

1/4 c honey

4 quarts water


In a 5 quart pot pour water, honey and tea bags. Turn pot on high. Squeeze lemons and drop the slices into pot. Let water come close to a boil, put on a lid, take off heat and leave overnight. Take out lemons and teabags, pour into jars or jugs and chill.



5 thoughts on “Homemade Convenience #2- Guilt free Juice

    • This is delicious, and I don’t feel guilty at all if Mac has multiple glasses a day of this. That’s the beauty of it! Also, people are always pretty impressed when you tell them you make your own iced tea/juice.

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