Peppery Rice Bowls

I found a recipe on Tasty Kitchen the other day. The recipe is by IndianSimmer for Peppery Rice.

I love adding bits to my rice. Cowboy loves pepper. This was an immediate match made in heaven! I decided to make a meal of it by adding more veggies than she suggested and I baked sausages in the oven, sliced them and stirred it in. This was a bit on the peppery side for me, next time I’ll lower the pepper content. So flavourful though! Oh, and I didn’t add onions, because Cowboy has this issue where he won’t eat anything that has onions in it. I can get away with green onions, but I was fresh out of them.

You start by infusing the oil with crushed peppercorns

Slicing carrots and thawing corn

Then heating that oil to infuse more, followed by adding carrots, then corn

Add rice, pepper and salt, stirring to coat

Then liquid. Bring to a good boil, cover and lower heat. Cook until rice is tender!

While this is happening I’ve baked 6 hot italian venison sausages at 350F for 30 min until no pink on the inside. Slice and stir into cooked rice.

This is so amazingly delicious, we really enjoyed it!

Here is the link to the recipe. The changes I made were adding more carrots and corn, no onions and I added cooked sausages. This made three servings.

Peppery Rice by Indian Simmer


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