Remember the Iced Tea?

Well I made nifty little gifts for a few of my cousins and Poppa for their birthday yesterday!

They went something like this…

You start with a wide mouthed pint jar. I typed up and printed out the recipe, cutting them to fit height wise.

Curl the paper inside, then place a lemon in the bottom of the jar

Then put two fruity tea bags and one mint tea bag on top!

Top with a square of fabric or pretty paper, then tie with string. I couldn’t find any nice string or twine…but Cowboy gave me his string line from his work truck. Nice neon green/yellow colour eh!

These were super cheap to make! Check out the recipe for Guilt-free Juice aka Iced Tea, here. I did already have the jar that I’d gotten at a second hand store for $0.25.


Fairly quick to throw together and everybody loved them!

2 thoughts on “Remember the Iced Tea?

  1. sooo… gavin decided it would be a great idea to just put this whole jar (contents and all) in our pantry… I found it today…. looks like an interesting experiment…. i wrote the recipe out beofre i threw it out with the lemon…..

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