Best Intentions

I could tell you that I go work out at the gym 4 times a week,

at 5:30 am.


Or push my 1 1/2 yr old son jogging every other morning,

for 5 miles.


Or that I do yoga 3 evenings a week,

Hot Yoga, that is.


But I’d be lying through my teeth! I’m lucky to get 15 minutes a day. I know I don’t make it enough of a priority as I should. But I’m trying, okay!

I’ll never do what I listed above, that’s just not me. It’s important to get your blood really moving at least once a day, or work out one part of your body a day. As a Mom, Homemaker and Student, I find it hard, but I try to sneak it it anyways. I hope me sharing how I strive to get a bit of exercise a day will help those who feel in the same position. I am by no means an expert, and this is just my life experience I’m sharing!


We live 300-400 ft from a cute little beach that we often walk to. Today was one of those days where we found ourselves on the shore. I sat by the sea soaking in a few minutes of sun, then decided to do a wee bit of exercise. I started by doing 30 jumping jacks, which Mac thought was hilarious and tried to imitate me! I then did a few standing stretches, because I love the feeling of a good stretch. On our way home I had to carry Mac and I walked while lifting my legs up so that my thigh and stomach made a 90 degree angle. Doing this once or twice does nothing for you, but over a few hundred feet I felt something! When we got into the yard, he wanted to play so I jogged on the spot while swinging my arms.

It feels good to do a little bit here and there, and I’m always improvising.


We live on a very quiet dead end street so we’ll bring a little ride on toy out to the paved road for Mac to play. While he plays on that I’ll jog on the spot, maybe go 30 ft in front of him, then behind him, bringing my knees high to get more out of it.


I have 1 1/2 hr teleconferences for school twice a week and It’s a long time to be on the phone barely talking! I find myself sitting on the ground and stretching to get out my restlessness.


As a family, we like to be active. Whether it’s going to a bigger beach and going for a walk, hunting for deer or mushrooms or hiking, we TRY and do something on the longer side once a week.


Now that the days are getting longer, we’ve been heading outside the odd night to go for a short walk after dinner. It’s so nice to get a bit more fresh air and this way Mac gets a bit more a run around before dinner. Often Cowboy is too tired from work (He’s a carpenter) to do this, but 20 minutes is usually manageable. Leave the dishes! They’ll be there later, I promise. The sunlight won’t be.


It’s hard to motivate myself, but I always feel so fresh once I do!

Excuse the frazzled Me in this photo! This was during an INTENSE 7 mile hike to the falls in Elk Falls Provincial Park, Campbell River, BC. It’s a few hours away from where we live and we went camping there last summer.


So fun!


Here is a picture of above the falls…


And the view of the falls…


And what the heck, let’s end on a happy note with a silly picture of Mac! Cowboy insisted that we had to have Cheese Filled Smokies (I bought the expensive, higher quality, lower additives ones of course!) when camping, and I was eating mine beside Mac when it decided to explode a cheese pocket, with this happening…




Funny how we got from exercise to Cheese Filled Smokies. Oh well, life happens!


Oh yeah, and try to sneak in a bit of blood pumping activity when you can!


5 thoughts on “Best Intentions

  1. Ahhh your little boy is SO adorable!! Love that pic 🙂

    And omg hot yoga is the best – and such an amazing workout – I just got back from a session a few hours ago!

    • I’ve never actually been to Hot Yoga! My Mom and Stepdad do it, but we don’t have a class where we live, they have to go off island to do so. I do enjoy a good yoga class, it’s so peaceful!

  2. Hah! So cute. I too don’t need to lose weight and struggle to keep myself at a healthy weight. In fact I’m usually trying to gain weight!

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