Homemade Convenience #3- Play doh!

**Update July 2013…this post is badly in need of some new photos and it’s on my to do list! Bear with me if you’re reading it before then**

I can’t believe that people buy play doh! We never had store bought play doh when we were little, it was ALWAYS homemade. The reason? It’s so easy! Thats why!

And cheaper. Isn’t that the big thing about my Homemade Convenience series?

Flour. Oil. Salt. Water. Cream of Tartar.

You probably all but the cream of tartar. You may even have Cream of Tartar like I do!

If you want, you can use colour, but it isn’t mandatory. I didn’t have any, and we didn’t miss it.

Stir together your flour, oil, salt, water and cream of tartar in a medium sized pot on medium heat.

It’s going to be good and runny and this point

Cook it while stirring. Not constantly, it’s okay to leave it.

It’s going to start getting thicker

And before you know it, it’ll hold together in a bowl, and you can scoop it out to cool on a chopping block.

Roll it together, and


You have yourself a nice warm ball of play doh for you and your kids to play with!


I just realized this is the second photo posted in a couple days where Mac has a bottle right beside him! He never usually does, but in these photos he had been sick and we wanted him to have as much fluids as possible, and giving him a bottle was the best way to do so.

Now. We don’t have no fancy play doh toys. Here, Mac has a giant straw, a chip clip and a couple canning rings. And a spoon. And he had so much fun!

Play Doh

1 c flour

1/2 c salt

2 Tbsp cream of tartar

1-2 tbsp oil

1 c water

food colouring, optional

Mix all together in a medium saucepan on medium heat. Stir occasionally until it forms a ball. Scoop together onto a chopping block and cool until handleable.

2 thoughts on “Homemade Convenience #3- Play doh!

  1. mom always colored her playdoh with kool aid powder. grape was my favorite. that way it also smells soooo good! mmm fresh playdoh! no wonder kids eat that stuff..

    • Mom even bought koolaid powder the other day to make it with Mac. Koolaid is a preservative in playdoh, so you don’t need to use cream of tartar, but it’s probably a slightly different recipe. He goes crazy for playdoh.

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