Can you do something for me today?

Can you go into your container drawer, cutlery/utensil drawer, toy box, or closet and find TEN THINGS that never get used or worn.

This could be a tshirt that has so many stains it would be better off ripped up for rags.

Or a lid to a container that has gone AWOL.

You have 3 spatulas? Do you use that many? Do you have a favourite and the rest could go?

Do you need 5 sippy cups for your one child? I got rid of two this morning. They leaked and we never used then.

What about pants? Could you get rid of one pair that doesn’t fit or you just plain hate?

What? Your child has 3 play phones? Could they just have one?

So long! Farewell! Goodbye Clutter!

Donate, Recycle or Gift these away.

Have a great day and have fun purging just TEN THINGS! 🙂
Really, is TEN THINGS hard to go and find right now?

One thought on “Can you do something for me today?

  1. how did you know I have we have 3 play phones? lol except the are all used since i have 2-4 children at my house at all times:) I just de cluttered too… i have alot of baby toys and clothes to go!!

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