Homemade Convenience #4- Baby Bum Rash Soother

If you’ve had a baby, you’ve had a baby with a bum rash. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t!


You leave them diaper free a bunch, lots of bum cream, if it’s really bad we’ll switch to disposables for a couple days to dry it out (Only been like that a couple times).


What I’ve found really works well though, is an oatmeal bath! Now you can put it in a fancy cloth bag, or buy some expensive ‘oatmeal soother bath’.


But some quick oats works just dandy!


I like to do this in a tub for two reasons.

1) Less oats have more effect

2) I can dump it outside or, strain out the oats so they don’t go down the drain.



In a tub, fill it with desired amount of water, I did about half full, in your desired temperature!


Stir in 1/2 a cup of oats and swish around. It’ll start to get cloudy, which is the ‘oat milk’. Try and keep them in there for as long as possible, at least 5-10 minutes. I sit right beside the tub and swish the oats every minute or so, to keep them releasing the milk.


When they’re done, pat them dry, diaper them up, and put them to bed! That is, if it’s bed time.


I’ve found this really heals a rash well, if there is open sores (So sad, Mac has had them before) it’ll do wonders for them!


“Thanks Mama!”


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