Homemade butter

We make butter out of the milk from our cow.

Butter is the name of the game today.

A beautiful ball of butter.

This butter has flavour! It has pizazz!

It adds sass to your biscuits.

It makes your waffles sing!

It makes toast a delicacy!

What are you waiting for?!

This is after three cups of cream in my mixer bowl. Yes I cheat and use a mixer, you think I’m going to do it by hand?

Pssshaw, that’s why they invented Kitchenaids!

Hands up if you love your Kitchenaid!


Okay, here is after one minute of beating on medium. I couldn’t do it any higher of the cream would splatter.

I turned up the mixer a notch after this, and beat for another minute

Turned it up a bit more…a beat for another minute…

It’s getting thick here!

Another minute beating pretty high.

Look! It seperated! Too neat eh? It went from whipped cream, to over whipped cream, to pretty close to butter!

We still have a few more steps.

Using your hands, squeeze it into a bowl.

Get it into a ball, and then strain out the buttermilk. Keep it! Make waffles or something. It’s good, not thick and sour like storebought ‘buttermilk’. That stuff is cultured. This is actually the milk from butter.

Pop that milk in a container or a pint mason jar, chuck er in the fridge and save it for your morning pancakes!

The next steps are going to seem wierd to you. You’re going to rinse the butter. Yes, that’s right. Cold water please!

Knead it a bit, as more milk will come out of the butter. Rinse it, knead it, rinse it, knead it. Put it on a chopping block and knead more. When it starts to get too soft to deal with, knead it between your hands underneath running cold water and it will firm up again. Once no more milk comes out of it, place it back on a clean counter or chopping block

In no way did I make this yellow-er. It’s just good ol’ jersey cream from a well fed well loved moo-cow!

I decided to salt my butter, since it was going to be mostly for spreading on muffins, bread, that sorta thing.

I kneaded it again so that the salt was throughout the butter, made it into a nice ball, took some pretty photos!

Then popped ‘er in a salmon jar, which is a squat 1 c or 1/2 pint canning jar, put a lid on, and popped ‘er in the fridge. Delish!

Homemade Butter

3 c heavy cream (Every cup of cream you use should yield you 1/2 cup butter. I find more than 3 cups in my mixer will splatter everywhere)


Beat cream on medium speed in a stand mixer, or hand mixer and a bowl for about 4-5 minutes, increasing speed every minute or so until you’re just about on full bore. You’ll know it’s done with the cream and milk suddenly seperate. Look at the picture above, it’s pretty obvious. Squeeze the butter chunks into a ball, strain out the butter milk into a bowl and reserve. You should have about 1 1/2 c buttermilk. Rinse and knead the butter until no more milk come out of it. If it gets too soft to deal with, rinse under cold water to firm up. If you want to salt the butter, knead it in once all the milk is out. Refridgerate and enjoy!

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