School and Toddlers

I need to warn you that posting is going to be very light for the next 3-6 weeks. As many of you know, I’m in school for Early Childhood Education, and my semester ends in 3 weeks. It’s hard enough as it is with all the help I get from Cowboy, my Mom and Sister #2 to get everything done on time and attend all my practicum placements.


BUT! Now Cowboy is in school for 6 weeks! He is a Journeyman Apprentice Carpenter with just level 1 of training, and is now getting his level 2. He’ll have 2 more to go after this. He has to stay in Victoria for this, so I’m essentially single parenting for the next while.


I am not completely single parenting as I’m getting help from my Mom & Co. That includes Mom, Sister #2 , Stepdad, and Brother-in-law. I guess Amy helps too!


Tonight though, while trying to work on a project, Mac continued to get into things I had to take him away from, sit on my lap and pull my hands away from the keyboard. So getting that done is going to take most of my time.


Rest assured, I will still be posting, it’ll just be not as frequent. I love y’all too much to stay away!


And yes, Sister #4, I will post promised pictures of bridesmaid dresses that arrived yesterday!


Capital Gear is a good family friends truck parts business in Edmonton, Alberta. It’s Mac’s favourite hat! Who wouldn’t love an organic cotton hat?


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