**I got a call from Sister #2 today saying she had a bone to pick with me. What I said? She said Enari, is actually Inari. Whoops. I told you I didn’t like the stuff. I’ve now changed it throughout the post***


STOP! If you are looking for authentic tastes-like-straight-from-Japan-Inari.

Ya ain’t gunna get it here. But, it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyways, that this is the way our family makes it and loves it.

Except me. I have avacados and seafood. A certain someone (Cowboy), goes crazy for Inari. If you don’t know what it is, you’re probably starting to wonder what the heck it is already. My Mom and sisters love it too. Not sure about Step Dad. Mom? Has he ever eaten Inari?

Inari with Avacado and Crab! Is one of the few variations in which we make it.

(Good thing my sink was clean, that could of been emabarassing!)

They can be tricky, they’re finicky to start off with, but only 8 of these puppies fills up Cowboy for dinner. Can you believe that? I make double what he’ll eat and he brings 4 in his lunch for a couple days. Just 4, plus an apple at coffee keeps this guy going. Usually when he gets home he goes straight for the fridge, or to find any muffins or granola bars he can get his hands on. Not when he’s had them, they fill him up fast and stay with him all day.

These are two different tins of Inari pockets. They have about 16 pockets in a can, and should be used up within a couple days. We used to have a specialty store where we could get canned and fresh, the fresh ones were bigger, but not anymore! I found them in China town in Victoria. So check a China town near you! A can runs about $4-$5.

A couple hours or the day before, cook your sushi rice. It’ll give instructions on the packet. I can’t remember how much rice I cooked! Maybe 1 1/2 dry? or 2 c dry? Make sure you add in rice vinegar, but it should say on the package. I use seasoned rice vinegar, because then I don’t have to add sugar as well, it’s all in there!  In needs to be cooled for this, that’s the reason for making it in advance.

Slice up an avocado, you’ll need just over half of one. Thinner slices is nice, so you don’t have a huge hunk. Unless you’re into that sorta thing!

Start by opening up a pocket and filling it just under half full with rice. Your hands are going to get messy and gucky.

Deal with it.

Layer some avacado…

Top it up with rice…

Then seafood of your choice! We used tuna and crab that we had in the freezer from a trade we made. (Seafood for Venison!) I’ve bought shrimp for it before.

With the leftover rice, I make these!

I eat them with rice vinegar and sesame oil. Num!

There is no recipe to Inari. Here is the approximations…

1 1/2- 2c sushi rice, cooked to package directions (Make sure it includes rice vinegar)

1 avocado

3/4 c seafood

16 Inari pockets, or the contents of a tin.

Soy sauce to top!


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