This is our couch. It’s been in this same place for about 3 months. Since we moved in.

I haven’t cleaned underneath of it. I sweep everyday, but everytime I went by the couch, I was scared! Finally I bit the bullet and pulled it out.

AHH! The real reason I finally pulled it out?

Oh cellphone, there you are. You died and I couldn’t call you to find you! Silly Macky hiding my phone.

Oh what else do we have here?

Oh Baby Beluga! I’ve been wondering where you were!

Balls? I thought we had *cough* lost them all. Turns out Cowboy didn’t get rid of them, Mac hid them!

Oh yes, that annoying cow that moo’s and his nostrils light up blue. Not to be confused with his monkey friend who’s eyes light up.

Let’s just leave it at that before I scare you anymore.


2 thoughts on “Scary.

  1. Haha, I was surprised there wasn’t more dirt and dustbunnies. Quite a few wheatpuffs and cheerios though! I knew I ain’t the only one, thanks for confirming that!

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