Marg’s Maple Walnut Fudge.

Can I get an Aaaa-men! If you know this fudge?

Oh how I love fudge. I eat way too much of it when it’s around! This is the only recipe that meets my standards. It’s your lucky day too, because this is also called “No Fail-Easy Fudge”. Just what you want to hear, right?

Start by melting butter, adding brown sugar, cooking for a couple minutes, then adding evaporated milk.

Bring that to a boil and (sort of) constantly stir for 1 1/2 minutes!

Then cooling until lukewarm. I prefer to pour it out of the saucepan to do this, because the saucepan is heavy bottomed and will hold heat for a while. Gingersnap can relate, as she gets a wee bit heavy bottomed if she eats too much of this!

(I can already predict the e-mail I’m going to get about that one!)

So I move it into a bowl, and put it within a bowl of cold water, because I have no patience whatsoever and want my-gall-darn-fudge-right-meow.

“Hi!! Good thing you can’t see toddler snot trails on my shirt through a reflection on a bowl!!”

Once it’s cool, put your bowl into place on your mixer. See how I thought ahead and prevented double dishes? Wahoo. You can also do this by hand, as my Grandma Marg does, but honestly, this is why KitchenAid mixers were invented. 🙂

Can I get another Aaaa-men?! 

Oh right, if you’re adding walnuts, chop them up!

By the way, do you have the ability to put icing sugar in a mixer without getting it everywhere?

I don’t.

Now mix your icing sugar into the boiled sugar mixture…it’s starting to look like fudge!

By this point your nuts are in there as well, and you’re wanting to eat it with a spoon.

I’m not going to stop you!

Now spread it into a 8″x8″ buttered pan and chill. For a couple hours if possible.

I stress the if possible, because usually I just can’t handle it anymore, and slice a piece of still warm, soft fudge!

Here is the recipe!

This is the recipe straight from my Grandma Marg. Please only use Butter! Aaaand, I just made it with heavy cream instead of evaporated milk and it was even better. Didn’t know that was possible. After adding nuts, I whipped it in the KitchenAid for 3-4 minutes on medium high, which gave it lovely little air bubbles. Didn’t know this recipe could be improved, but it just was. Yes! Oh, and I ran out of walnuts, so I used pecans. Also, if you don’t have brown sugar, use white sugar with about 1 1/2 tbsp molasses. Right, and I never sift my icing sugar. The KitchenAid beats it up for me 🙂


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