I (heart) lists.

Crazy mad love them. I make them for everything.

I’ve found that with Mommy brain, if it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get done. What do I have right now for lists?

Wednesday List

-Put away dishes

-wash dishes

-organize Mac’s bookshelf

-organize my bookshelf

-hang up wet fleece laundry

-put a load of rags on

-smoothie for lunch

-sweep living room

-make mashed potatoes

-make shepards pie

See how I put things like eat lunch on there? Yes it’s a no brainer, but I’ll also get going on something and forget to until later! Having it written down makes me do it sooner. I also add things during the day. Today is a really light list as I’m out for half of the day helping our friends, J+A with a couple farm chores.

To do in Town List

-Mail cheque to Jamie

-Bring blue Kiddie Pool to A.

-J+A’s @ 12.

-Foxglove (Farm and Garden Store) January King Cabbage, Perpetual Spinach and insoles for boots

-Empty wine bottles to Mom’s

-Grab diaper bucket and bottle liners from Moms

The last list I’m going to share with you? The one that makes the week easier? My loosely followed meal plan.

April 25- May 1 Meal plan

Monday 25


Dinner- French Toast w/ whipping cream and blackberry sauce

Thaw chili for tomorrow

Tuesday 26

Lunch- Smoothie

Dinner- Chili

Wednesday 27

Lunch- smoothie

Dinner- Sheperds Pie (Make extra mashed potatoes for Friday

Thursday 28

Lunch- smoothie (Why all the smoothies? I made a batch of yogurt that’s a little botched because I don’t like the texture but works great in smoothies, must use up 4 quarts of it!)

Dinner- Out at ECEBC dinner.

Friday 29

Lunch- smoothie (also, I have tons of frozen fruit from last summer)

Dinner- Salmon with mashed potato pancakes

Saturday 30

Lunch- Chicken Soup

Dinner- Pizza

Sunday 1

Lunch- Chicken Soup

Dinner- Mom’s for Fire/Meat Roast.

I also have a list of things I need to make ahead and freeze for Cowboy to bring to school with him next week for dinners and snacks. It’s his last week! Yahoo!

Batch Cooking/Baking

Pizzax3 (use up fresh mozza, feta and spinach)

Clam chowder (bring some to Poppa and Stepdad) (None of the woman in my family like clam chowder, only Cowboy, Stepdad and my Mom’s Dad, Poppa!)


Chicken Soup (Chicken Carcass in freezer)

Egg Noodles (Want to try making a bunch and drying them)

At the beginning of the week I leave a few blank, because things come up, like just today my Mom brought up the fire/meat roast, so I just penciled it in. I also managed to get the pizzas made last night, so we’ll have one on Saturday for dinner.

So spill…do you make lists? What’s on your lists? Do you meal plan? I do it more because all of our meat is in the freezer that I need to plan ahead to what we’re eating. When I don’t manage to do that and I realize that it’s pretty much dinner time? That’s what we have tons of venison sausage for! Turn on the oven, unwrap sausages, pry them apart with a butter knife and they’re done in 35-40 minutes. Dinner! Well, plus veg and starch/carb.


One thought on “I (heart) lists.

  1. #1 Yes, I make lists.
    #2 Lists make my happy.
    #3 If I didn’t make lists, I may just run off and leave a kid behind or something atrocious!
    #4 Yes, I menu plan by the month, then after that, by the week based on what produce needs to be used, or what the weeks schedule looks like.
    #5 I type my very important lists then tape it to my kitchen cupboard, it makes me feel organized.
    #6 Plus my handwritting is sloppy.
    #7 I buy index cards to keep in my desk and also out in my kitchen drawer. They are specifically for quick notes.
    #8 This list is getting long…
    #9 I have to stop on an even number because I am OCD!
    #10 Yay! Kate’s getting married soon.
    (Holy random, I know, but I NEEDED a number ten!)
    Hugs~T 🙂

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