Pizza Pops!

**Update July 2013, this recipe is on my list to re do with better pictures so bear with me if you’re reading it before that update!**

Homemade of course, what else do you expect from me? When I told a friend we’d had Pizza Pops for dinner, she looked at me funny. I then told her I had made them and she laughed saying it didn’t sound like me to buy pizza pops. I’ll have you know I bought them ONCE when I was pregnant and reallyreallyreally wanted frozen mini pizzas like my friends mom used to give us on a paper towel while we played video games after kindergarten. So I’ve eaten them twice.

Cowboy’s Mom makes Pizza pops, and he loves them. Sometimes he goes on and on about them. So one day I said ENOUGH! Got out some venison pepperoni from the freezer, a ball of pizza dough I had stashed there as well and some jars of tomatoes I canned last summer.

It’s safe to say he thought he’d won the lottery.

They were pretty simple to make too! Tomato sauce, herbs, meat, cheese, pizza dough!

It’s nice to have fun foods you don’t feel bad about your kids eating.

Who am I kidding, I want the fun foods I don’t feel guilty about eating!

Growing up is overrated if it means I have to eat boring foods.

Or take decent photos for that matter. Sorry about the lack of effort on this one. You’ll give me an A+ for effort anyways?

Thank-ye-very-much-appreciated! Will you please make these? You could make ham and pineapple, or whatever tickles your fancy. You could even put *SHOCK* vegetables in them. If I’d had some fresh spinach I might of, but alas, it’s not that season!

Pizza Pops

1 ball pizza dough, divided into 4

1 1/4 c pepperoni, diced

2 c tomato sauce (I cooked together crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, dried onions, a few herbs, garlic, salt+pepper)

2 c shredded cheese (I used half mozza/half cheddar)

Roll dough into rectangle, put 1/4 of filling on one side, fold flap over and seal with fork. Repeat with remaining.

Cook @ 450F for 12-15 minutes and let cool. We ate one each for dinner, and then one each again for lunch the next day, they are so filling!

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