Less than a Month

I’m getting married on June 18th. Today is May 19th. Can you sense a little panic?

Can’t say I’m panicing so much as just hoping it all pulls together. We’ve got the food, and beer/wine organized, so once we have the music done, that’s all we need, right? RIGHT?!

Oh and my dress is just about done. My Mom’s dress is getting remade for me! I’m very excited to be wearing my Mom’s dress.

I haven’t been blogging much. I spent Sept-April tied to the computer with school, I needed a bit of a detox. Here’s what we’ve been doing.

Hunting Morel Mushrooms…

Cowboy went to 2nd year Carpentry school…and passed with 78%! (73% theory, 85% practical) So proud of you! So he was able to come home from Victoria and spend time with our little scholar

Ummm…does he not look ALOT like Cowboy!?

We spent a lot of time outside in the nice weather…

Had a few sick days

Did our fair share of play doh playin’

And overall had a good time together! To all the single parents, or even those who are single parenting while the spouse is away, you have my 100% admiration. It is tough! I am so glad that Cowboy is back now. We’ve been fishing, playing outside, eating lots of yummy food as more starts to grow here, gardening and this weekend…

We’re going Bear Hunting!

See y’all later!

“H’yuk, h’yuk, That’s all folks!”

(Step-dad’s dog Roscoe)


4 thoughts on “Less than a Month

  1. so i’ll see you in just about 3 weeks!!! i’m almost at the 3mth countdown mark myself and revving the to-do list attack into high gear!
    you are WAY to calm with less than one month to go!

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