The (un)fair state of my bathroom.

I hate dirty bathrooms. They sceeve me out. (How the heck is that word spelt?) My bathroom is clean, but very very messy right now.


Because we have chickens growing in there!

We bought an incubator a few weeks ago and shortly afterwards a broody hen at my Mom’s couldn’t decide whether to stay on her eggs or not, so we took them out from under her and put them in the incubator. I told myself that if ONE chick hatched and survived I would be excited! After 8 days in the incubator we candled the eggs.


This is the box we used to candle the eggs. The egg sits on the hole lengthwise and we put Cowboy’s big powerful work flashlight in the bottom. This is done at night in a dark room.

From what we saw, we figured the chicks were 12 days along, and that they would hatch the following Wednesday, meaning we would raise the humidity (helps the chicks break out) on Sunday/Monday. Well, Sunday morning I was going to the washroom and I heard “peep Peep PEEP”. If it weren’t for the fact I was already peeing, I may have peed myself with excitement! I ran and told Cowboy, who said they started last night.



“No”, he said “Then you would have been up all night for nothing.”.


Right. That’s why he’s the logical one here. We had two hatch that night, but we lost one. Tuesday night two more hatched and survived. Friday morning two hatched and one died. Saturday morning (Today!) this baby hatched.

(Ignore the dirt under my nails? Thankyaverymuch) This has been a higelty pigelty hatch. They should all hatch within a couple days of each other, but instead it’s been days apart. There is still 6 more eggs to go! Our relief milkers took the first three chicks, and they’ll take these two as well. The black one at the top hatched yesterday morning. Considering the wierd start to this incubation, I’m very glad with how it’s turned out.


My bathroom though?

Incubator…box for chicks that won’t stop bugging other chicks…netti pot!

Candling box…cute clip…Rockin’ Green…Chick food….basket of toiletries


Wait wait back up there…

Yes you, the cute gold leather clip I got at Twang and Pearl. I love how you look in my hair.



On a very bright note, along with the egg below, there is still 6 eggs to see what happens!

I’ll keep you updated!!


p.s. Gingersnap is going to be very jealous. And maybe if we ask really nicely, she’ll do a guest post on her Whisky Onion Mushroom hotdog/hamburger topping. She made it for the wedding and everyone had it on top of local pork sausages in fresh baked from our local bakery buns. Ah’mazin’.

2 thoughts on “The (un)fair state of my bathroom.

  1. Awwww! Such sweet little ones you share the bathroom with, but I agree, they seem to be cramping your style, I think the green and black bag says it all:
    GOT FUNK?! lol 🙂
    By the way, I loooove your hair clip!!!!

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