Sharing my Cookbooks: Clean Eating 2

I love my cookbooks. So I thought I would start sharing them with you!

This is based off of a magazine, and I got it for Christmas from my Mom. I’m yet to make anything from it, but I have a few bookmarked and I’m going to share those with you!

This looks…wow. Something that my Stepdad would adore, because it’s got sweet potatoes in it (which happen to be his favourite). I will be making this soon…there is also a tutorial on wrapping panini’s and using two cast iron frying pans as a press, which is a good thing, since I won’t buy a panini press!

Next is a dessert and it jumped out at me, because I have a roll or phyllo dough in my freezer, that I bought confusing it with puff pastry!

This is the perfect excuse to use it. I love how the ingredients are things I love to use, sweetened with raw honey, stuff like that! Droooolllll….but I’ll have to skip on the raisins or Cowboy won’t eat it. Maybe I’ll add extra so I can have it all to myself?!

Last but not least is a recipe I have bookmarked to make for my cousin who can’t have gluten or dairy, loves to bake rather than deepfry and loves making veggies fun!

Cowboy has never had tempura, and I’ve only made it once using the heavily breaded, deepfry version. I’ll have to use gluten free soy sauce in this, such as Braggs or Tamari.

I love how they look lightly breaded and still crisp. Yum!

Thanks for taking a peek at my book cupboard, I’ll show you another one soon! Maybe next will be a well used with extra favourite recipes…

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