My New Addiction…

So for Christmas, Cowboy gave me a sewing machine! I was very excited about this, because both my sisters’, Gingersnap and Sister #2 have one. And my Mom. My Grandma. My Aunt. My Cousins. Everyone in our female in our family seems to have one and I was uber jealous. I wanted to learn to sew, but just wasn’t into hand sewing everything. I can only take the Little House on the Prairie thing so far!

I promised I’d share my projects, so here is the first thing I have (successfully) sewn! Yes they are a bit short, BUT, I didn’t mess up any stitches, seams, anything! This made my proud and boostered my sewing ego a bit. Also, Mac just loved that I made him sheep pants!

I’m glad my Mom has let me raid her fabric selection, as the pants were made out of a small leftover piece. Yay for freecycle!


Our thriftstore is closed for 2 weeks (opens tomorrow!!) and I’m excited to hit up their selection as I know they have some fabric, but lots of zippers, elastic and such.


I’ve also fallen in love with some projects from Delia Creates.

I made these reusable produce bags. WOW. So easy, and so nifty! I just love them to bits.

I plan to make this apron as well!

And this lumberjack hat. Except I’ll probably make it in my size…not Mac’s. Hah.


The problem is I’ll have to wait until I go off-island to get to a fabric store with more selection…and not such horrifically high prices. Remember? I live on a small island. So while I for the most part support local, the small fabric store here has a great yarn selection, but they didn’t even have any fleece!



I LOVE my Husband!! (For more reasons, uhhh, then that he bought me a sewing machine. He also did the dishes last night! Yes!)



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