Guess what I made!

When I was substituting at a preschool last week, I saw one of the girls wearing one.


And I just knew my Amy Jane was going to love one.

That girl loves her dress-up. Who cares if my niece is only 20 months old. She does it in style! Her favourite is shoes, of course. I’ve bought her cute little very unpractical shoes at the thrift store before, just because they were sparkly and bedazzled.


So when I saw it, I knew I had to make one!

A velvet party dress of course! This isn’t for her to go places in, just dress up around the house in. It’ll be too long most likely, but I made an elastic waist so it’ll be fitted, but stretch with her. My almost 4 year old god daughter played around in it for a while and it was at her knees. So I’m confident that Amy will get a few years of play out of it!


The fabric was $12 a metre, but 50% off is you’re a Fabricland member. I bought 2 metres, and it only took just over half a metre to make! The elastic I already had, so it was free. I’d say this dress cost me $4 to make! Pretty darn frugal!  I adore my new sewing machine! My husband loves that I love sewing too!


I think she’ll love it! I can’t wait until she wears it to town because she won’t let my sister take it off 🙂

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