The One You’ve Been Waiting For

You know the one?

That show stopping chocolate cake that while it takes time (most good desserts take a bit of effort), it’s not really technical.

That show stopping chocolate cake that makes you moan and groan outloud while you eat it. The great thing is your not alone and the whole table is a chorus of the same.

That show stopping chocolate cake that while I was about to serve it, realized I needed to take pictures and quickly did so while the 5 guys in the living room were almost chanting a chorus of


Here the beauty is ladies and gentlemen. (Although I truly am sorry for the bad pictures, you HAVE to make this) Rebar Chocolate Cake:

Isn’t it just so fitting that it’s heart shape? Really, I made the layers and froze them when I made another one, but I didn’t have a bunch of round pans, so I used my 2 heart pans! So cute!

This cake is moist, it’s got buttermilk and coffee on it’s side. The filling? It’s melted chocolate, cream cheese and butter. I mean HELLO, where can you go wrong? The ganache on top is dark chocolate and cream. Oh heck, just shoot me now.

I’m not going to lie though, this cake takes some forethought and it’s not cheap. It’s that special occasion cake. The small dinner party want to impress cake.

I’ve made it for my Mom’s birthday one year when we had a 16 person party (it cuts into 16 slices) and blew everyone away with this. On a seperate note, that was a great party, my Stepdad gave Mom a BBQ, so we planned it around that and instead of our usual potluck, we got everyone to bring their favourite bottle of wine for a present to Mom. She didn’t know any of the details, we simply asked her for a guest list and we did the rest. We had good steaks, baked potatoes with a full toppings bar and a garlicky ceasar. It was refreshingly simple to make considering we fed 16 people. It worked out that everyone brought a bottle of wine for Mom, but also a double of it to drink at the party! Mom ended up with 8 bottles of super nice wine afterwards.

A week or so ago, we’re sitting around the dinner table and the usual thought goes through my head. “What am I going to have for dessert?” Except this time I say it out loud to Poppa, Cowboy, Mac and Cowboy’s friend JD who was staying with us. Cowboy said “Rebar Chocolate Cake” and I laughed at him. Then I had to explain it to JD and before I knew it was actually making it. JD had said he would go to town the next day and get the chocolate and cream that I needed, as I had everything else. I figured I might as well bake the layers for two cakes and freeze the second one. JD’s younger brother Robbie came the next day and we all pigged out of Rebar Chocolate cake. We finished the next night and before I knew it I was taking the layers out of the freezer and assembling the other one. Within 4 days we ate two of these, which was a bit of overkill but a great indulgence.

Now for tips of the baking. Don’t short yourself on the chocolate. Get some medium-high quality chocolate. We bought $8, 300 gram Lindt bars. So not uber expensive, but it makes it worth it.

If you use fresh ground soft white wheat, lower your amount of coffee to a fat 1/2 cup.

I don’t know what else I need to say to get you to make this, other than your life may depend on it. If the people around you find out you have this recipe, but haven’t made it for you? There may be death threats.

When you make it? There will be marriage proposals.

It’s a pretty long recipe and these lovely people already wrote it out, so I’m going to send you over there.

Rebar Chocolate Cake (click on the name for the recipe)

I had to show this so you could see how it looked on the inside. It showed up kind of shiny, but it’s not.

Just make it please. I just really really need you to.


Linking to Weekend Potluck over at 4 Little Fergusons


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