Airplane Activity Book

I asked on my facebook fan page last week, what you suggested for me to bring to amuse my 2 1/2 yr old son on a seaplane and an airplane. It’s by no means a long flight, 30 min on seaplane, followed by 2 hr airplane. Still significant considering my husband isn’t going, and it’s just Mac and I. I’m only bringing a medium sized backpack for the two of us for a week, and it’s cold weather, so it’s bigger clothes.


One of the suggestions was for a colouring book, and I figured if I could find a small one, it’d be grand! The more I started thinking about it, the more I realized it’d be hard to find one on our little island, and I’d make one instead. So here goes nothing:


Start with 10 pieces of regular white printer pater, and a couple of sharpies. (it was by coincidence that the fabric cutting mat was on the table…)

Fold the paper in halt (it is in the photo) and then cut two holes in the fold with a paring knife. Thread a piece of heavy string or yarn through the holes and tie on the binding


Give it a cover page to make it look important!


On half the pages I drew outlines with a sharpie, the other half are for ‘free-styling’ with crayons.

Here is an outline of an airplane for him to colour in:


Please excuse the bottom wing? Art isn’t my strong point…


Mac is starting to be interested in numbers and his and writing names. I’m not into forcing children to read, write, spell and know their numbers. I do believe however, that if they start showing interest, then to make the material and help available when they want it. I did a few pages of his name and numbers:


The dotted names are for him to outline.



I think he will have tons of fun. My brother-in-law Drillerman is going to be on the same flight, as he’s coming home from working in camp. I hope he enjoys drawing! Mac is always drawing pictures of Drillerman and Gingersnap riding horses.


What do you do when you’re traveling with children? Do your children enjoy colouring books? 

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