Our Trip!

Here is a post trip photo dump for you as I’m not quite up to writing anything else.

Have fun!

Mac and his cousin Tess waking up Uncle Ben. He’s Cowboy’s younger brother (My Brother in law is only 17. Charming bedroom eh?)

Smiling at Uncle Ben on the other side, trying to get ontop to play.

Cowboy’s Mom making crepes. He was so jealous when he heard we had them. Guess I need to learn how to make crepes!

Playing on the bowflex. They thought this was hilarious.

Riding the winnie the pooh bike. This was another constant activity with these two. Noticed I don’t have any photos of Tess’s Mom, my sister in law!

I asked the dog, Poppy, to sit, so Mac and Tess sat too.

My Dad, or Granddad giving Mac a haircut. He wanted it so bad, then he really didn’t once they were half way through.

Shoveling snow at Granddads. Notice his, uh-hum, lack of clothing? He thought it was great.

Reading with Granddad

Playing in the snow at Granddads house

Having a bath in Granddads sink!

Feeding horses with Auntie Gingersnap.

Feeding horses the next day.

On the snowmobile with Uncle Drillerman (Mac calls their excavator a ‘heh-copter’. Kind of like helicopter. Not sure why…) It was funny to see him trying to drive it, because its geared to go really fast really quick and he was going soooo slow with Mac.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the photos of our trip.




3 thoughts on “Our Trip!

  1. omygosh kate you have got to delete that photo of me! i was standing holding the pockets of my sweatpants out and wearing a sweatshirt that’s way too big! there could be two of me inside that ‘sillouhuette’ that picture makes! deleeeeeeeeeeete!!!!!! doooom! i look like the michelin man!

  2. I’m not deleting, it’s a cute photo of you two. You can tell by your face, arms, etc that you aren’t overweight! It’s a great candid photo of the two of you outside in COLD weather. You aren’t expected to look your best 🙂

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