Hide Tanning Update

I shared how I was trying to tan deer hides. So I thought I’d give you an update.


We put two of them into a big tub, soaking in this solution:


And I got Cowboy to stir it around a bunch. It was cold! It started snowing a couple of hours later.


It was good and foamy, quite a bit foamed over, but I’ve now figured out how not to lose that.


And here is my charming child watching this all

Don’t you love how organized my recycling is?! Cowboy decided he was frustrated with our current non existing system and all those totes lined up are cardboard, tin, glass, plastic and drinking/return for money bottles! It was pretty awesome to have it organized without any thought or effort on my part.


Have a great weekend! Promise me you’ll treat spending time outside on your own or with friends/family as a necessary thing, not as dessert. As in, of yes it’d be nice and if I get there I’ll do it. It’s important for your health, stress level and sanity to get outside for a walk, a play or just to sit and read your book.


Cold where you live? Bubble blowing is our favourite cold weather activity because Mac loves to pop them by hitting or stomping on them, thus moving around a bunch and keeping warm!


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