Giveaway Winner!

I did the draw! It was so exciting to see who won…

New draw for Winner:


“Already liked yours, didn’t know that Dan had a FB page so now I’ve like that too. I’m hoping that Dan has some Mustard green seeds as I haven’t been able to find any yet this “spring” and I’m missing them madly… I’ve got some turnip seeds for those greens, but I’m a major green chick and have some crazy cravings. So cool to see you doing this Kate… I remember wandering through our big garden with you when you and Logan were in soccer together and I was still commuting off island to finish my horticulture at Uni. ~we chatted lots about cucumber growing LOL xo”

(Erin is a friend of mine who found Venison for Dinner through MY facebook page.)

Michele from A Green Acre! **Update** I didn’t hear back from Michele and have picked a new winner.

Now Michele went and looked at the Salt Spring Seeds website, but didn’t post in the comments what she wanted. Once she tells me what she wants, I’ll let YOU all know and then get it mailed off to her!

If I don’t hear from Michele by Saturday Morning I’ll pick a new winner.

Have a GREAT weekend! (Even though it’s only Thursday…)

4 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner!

  1. oops, I was too late in checking my email, we have been outside all morning working on a new chicken run & trimming goat hooves! So sorry that I didn’t check it sooner.

    • ps….all is good, I was given a bunch of seeds from a friend a few days ago, so works out nice for both Erin & myself.
      My only disappointment is that we can’t order from Salt Spring Seeds here in the US. Dan was my inspiration to become a bean keeper!

      Happy green growing 2012!

    • Hi Michele, sorry you were late, I did post this and e-mail you on Thursday. Glad you’ve got seeds and we’ve got a different giveaway coming up soon!

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