It’s 10 am and there is not a Menu Posted!

Whoops! Guess I’d better post that up now.

This time of year is when I can no longer get local root and winter vegetables steadily. So I dig into my frozen, canned and dried foods I put up in the summer/fall. Also, we have friends coming for dinner twice and my in-laws here for 3 nights. Sometimes I really pile it on my plate!

For Breakfast…

We’ll have pancakes, oatmeal and smoothies!

For Lunch…

We’ll have leftovers!

For Dinner…


Rhubarb Meatballs w/ fried green pea rice+spinach salad. I’m going to toss some lentil+pea sprouts into the rice right before serving. I’ve got lots of canned rhubarb so I want to make sweet and sour meatballs with it.


Roasted Chicken w/ warm potato salad. Friends coming over and bringing a salad. I’m making Rhubarb Spice Cake for dessert! (You guessed it…using up that rhubarb!)


Halibut, quinoa and broiled garlicky green beans w/ canned green beans


First night on in-laws being here. I’ve got easy meals planned for the whole time so we can keep our schedule loose. English muffin egg sandwiches w/ cheese, sausage patties (I’ll make these up with ground venison) and fruit smoothies.


Hamburgers w/ broccoli sprouts, bacon, mushrooms. Apple Slices on the side!


Chicken Noodle Soup  from chicken on Tuesday! (using celery, carrots, dried peas, spagetti squash)


Friends over again, bringing salad. Salmon, warm quinoa+lentil salad. One of them is a vegetarian, but will eat bits of fish, so I try to cook that when they come over, and make sure there is lots of protein otherwise.

Whats on your plate this week? Have you planned any of it? Even 2 days in advance?

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