Tuesday Market

Our Tuesday Farmers market it up and running and I LOVE it!

This week I came home with carrots, green onions, salad greens (with lovely edible flowers!), strawberries and sugar snap peas.

We also bought a snack to have when we got home…these are a great treat, they aren’t cheap at $6 for 2 of them, but man they are tasty. I know I could remake them for about 50 cents a piece if I grew the sprouts myself, and I probably will this summer. These ones have 16 different types of sprouts, and I get them from a farm that grows mushrooms and all sorts of sprouts.


For the mean time, I’m HAPPY to splurge on a sprout filled spring roll my just about 3 yr old son will eat close to half of. (And he’s a small eater. Leaves more for me anyways!)

I dip them in sweet chili sauce and for him, I mix 2/3 peanut butter, 1/3 sweet chili sauce.

He was not into pictures that day…


Just wanted to eat his dang roll!



Do you go to a farmers market?

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