The Cowboy

So I’ve kept the identity of my Husband kinda secret. I’ve called him Cowboy. Not because he rides horses. In fact, he doesn’t like riding horses, he kind of despises them.

He’s milked a cow for the majority of the past 4 years, so his name comes from the fact that

You smell like a Cow, Boy!

I honestly do call him Cowboy around the house, but I’m sure you’ve all picked up on the fact that it’s not his real name! No sir-ee bob! My Husbands name is Marius, also known as Mare. Like the female horse! Said “Marry-us” not “Marr-ee-us”. In honour of the reveal, I thought I’d share a fun little “Marius through the ages”

I’d guess he was 3 1/2 in this picture with his Dad and Sister. Obviously, his dad has got a moose!

Schat's scanned pictures May 2011 51


He thinks he was about 14 or 15 in this picture. His first buck!


Schat's scanned pictures May 2011 33


Buckley lake, age 18. Schat's scanned pictures May 2011 34


He shot this one at my Moms just before dark and tried to take pictures with our camera, but they weren’t coming out well, so we went to my Moms house and got her fancy camera with a fancy flash. His first buck on Salt Spring!



This was a year ago. Can’t tell you where or I’d give away our favourite Chantarelle spot!




I noticed a theme of dead things and food in these photos…it just happens to be when he’s got his best smile on!


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