Lotion Bars

This is the other recipe that we made at the mini workshop, along with Raw Chocolate.


Conventional lotion in liquid form either needs to be kept in the fridge or have loads of additives. Enter the Lotion Bar!


These can also be used as lip chap! I have mine in a small bowl by the sink, it’s been used for a while not, I didn’t have any new bars, they’d all been given away to friends! So what you’re seeing is one that’s been used for months, they last a long time though!


Marius is obviously not a hand model. He’d just got home from work and he was making bamboo bow+arrows with Mac. I needed someone to hold it soooo…there he was.


Lotion Bars

Makes two bars

1 1/8 oz coconut oil

1 oz beeswax

1 oz cocoa butter

16 drops essential oil of choice


Melt together oil, wax and cocoa butter until just melted. Stir in essential oil. Pour into two muffin tin holes and put into the freezer to cool. That’s it!



-I like to heat up the muffin tin at 350F for a few minutes so they settle nicely into the holes.

-If you want two different scents, don’t stir in the essential oils, but pour them into the muffin tins, then individually scent each bar and stir well.

-Feel free to use a mini muffin pan for small ones to give away!



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