Raw Honey Face Wash

This seems backwards, to use honey, to wash your face! Raw honey is terrific for your skin. This is an easy to mix together formula as well. I promise I won’t lose you with any fancy techniques.

I posted on Facebook that I’d made this, and wondered if anyone wanted to know the recipe! Since both kids are napping, and I don’t have any housework to do (as in; I decided I wasn’t going to do any housework today), I thought I might as well snap some photos and post this bad boy!

Now, I’m not normally a beauty products of any kind type person (I don’t own any make up), but I saw the idea for this and the kids were sleeping and I didn’t have anything better to do (see about re: housework). I’m going to do this regularly now as my skin feels terrific.

I was taking pictures in the bathroom, trying to do a little selfie of this on my face, which did not work. Here are some SOOC (Straight out of Camera) photos just for your viewing pleasure and giggles. Without my glasses even!

Fail #1


Fail #2IMG_4972

And Fail #3. IMG_4973

Isn’t it thoughtful of me to include these just so you can get giggles?


Then I decided I needed to get over by the window, and just worry about getting a picture of my skin already!


It looks kinda funny on, and it takes a minute to get used to. And the ‘boost’ I put on the photo colour made my teeth look yellow. Stellar. I promise I have pearly whites! I left it on there for about 10 minutes while I was type type typing away. It’s also a good make up remover, as coconut oil will take your make up off but won’t clog pores! If it’s really cold in your bathroom this might become super thick, but just take a bit and rub it between fingers then onto your face.


Now here is thy beautiful raw honey face wash. Sittin’ in a lavender bush.IMG_5009


Raw Honey Face Wash

Makes enough for 2-4 Applications.

2 tsp raw (preferably local/same province or state)

1 tsp cold pressed coconut oil

2 drops therapeutic grade lavender oil

Warm honey and oil in a pan JUST until they’re warm enough to stir together. Add in the lavender oil. Stir, then smear on your face, massaging in with your fingers, avoiding your eyes! I just wanted to do a small tester batch, but next time I’ll make more and keep it in a jar in the bathroom.

Let sit for 5-10 minutes on your face. (And accidentally lick your lips and get some, it’s tasty!)

Wash off with warm water.

My skin feels so soft and amazing now!





2 thoughts on “Raw Honey Face Wash

  1. LOL! Your selfies are too cute. 🙂 Ready to take that puppy of automatic yet? Have you tried the no flash setting with good window/outside light!? THAT is when I fell in love with my camera!!!!!

    • This actually is off of automatic. I haven’t used automatic at all on this camera. The lighting is just HORRIBLE in my bathroom. Thats why I was trying flash. I LOVE manual!

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