Whats up on Instagram?

I know some of you follow me on instagram (@venisonfordinner) but for those who don’t have instagram, or don’t follow me (yet! I’d love for you to follow and introduce yourself) here’s some happenings.


We went on a vacay for my youngest brother-in-law’s high school grad. He wore a camo tuxedo. He rocked it. And I made him and my other brother in law Big Dutch Babies. I should really take real photos of those and post the recipe cause they’ll blow your mind baby!



I thought I was going to luck out and Hamish sleep the whole time I milked…I bet on my odds…


Aaaand I lost. He woke up, but was happy (!) while I finished milking. My Mom got home (our cows live at her house) as I was starting to strain the milk so she took the boys to help her. Whew! Love that Mama of mine!


I impulse made brownie pudding at about 7 pm on our anniversary. (We didn’t really have anything else planned, which was perfect.) We ate it outside in adirondack chairs watching the sunset. Couldn’t ask for a better evening! Anyway…thats a side note to the part where I ate it for lunch the other day and didn’t feel guilty at all.


Sooo…I’m really bad about filling up on fuel in my car. The E light had gone on…buuut I wasn’t going to town so I didn’t worry about it. I get 50+km’s once the light goes on. I had the truck the next day and Marius was all MAKE SURE YOU GET GAS. You REALLY REALLY need gas. I start up the truck and there is still 1/4 tank. I filled up only cause I’m a good little wife who listens (NAWT) but had a laugh about our juxtapositioned gas filling up philosophies.


I’m slooowly learning to be a cleaner cook/housewife/baker! I took my Nutrimill and grains outside to mill. I made quinoa, chickpea, spelt, buckwheat and local hard red flour for myself, some of those for my Mom, and my sister came down and ground some wheat.


I just about lost my sanity the other day…but went to the library with the kids instead. They fell asleep right as we got home. I kicked up my feet, tilted back my seat and read a Jamie Oliver cookbook. Sweet Jesus I was rewarded for not losing my cool.


I made paneer for the first time! Whats your favourite way to use it?


I’ve been going butter making crazy! No filter on this, just straight up yellow jersey goodness. These are 1/2 c balls for easy use. I freeze them.




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