Honey Sweetened Peppermint Lemonade

This was a spur of the moment thing this morning. I had made a pot of peppermint tea forgot about it. Didn’t want to waste it (I’ve poured enough cold pots of tea down the sink)…and next thing I knew I was outside taking pictures of the finished product.

honey lemonade

You can be laaaazy like me and use a nice organic bottled lemon juice instead of juicing your own lemons. Unless your one of those darn people that has their own lemon tree that they have an ‘over abundance of lemons’ from. In which case I may not like you right now.

Moving on. Preferably use raw honey, and make sure to just heat the water enough so it dissolves but doesn’t lose its benefits. REAL, RAW honey is amazing for you! Its said to help stabilize blood sugar levels, increase antioxidant production in blood stream, boost immune system, lower seasonal allergies. I could go on, but why do I need to? I’ve personally noticed that my seasonal allergies have gone from using allergy pills 3-4 months a year, to having a runny nose for a day every 7-10 days since having raw honey and raw milk in my diet on a regular basis if not daily basis.

Real lemon and peppermint will help aid your digestion, while peppermint reduces headaches and encourages relaxation. This is kinda sounding like the best thing ever on a long hot day. I love to send drinks like this to work with Marius, because I know when he’s drinking a couple quarts of this during the day while building houses and working outside, especially in the hot sun he’s going to stay well hydrated. And hopefully the honey will help balance his blood sugars so he ain’t a grumpy hungry bear when he gets home!

If you want to skip on the honey, add a teaspoon of dried stevia in with the tea to have a milder, but still sweet version. Don’t like either of those? Maple syrup is full of trace minerals and vitamins that would never be frowned upon in this drink! Try boiling the water and chucking in the peppermint at night so it’s cool and ready to go the next day.

Switch it up with the tea if you want! Try adding something like lavender or rose petals for an excellent flavour addition. Nettles, clover, alfalfa or oat straw would add another boost as far as vitamins and trace minerals. I can get all of those things in bulk at our local health food store, or from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Honey Sweetened Peppermint Lemonade

(See about for flavour variations)

4 cups cool-cold strong peppermint tea (2-3 tbsp dried peppermint in boiling water allowed to cool)

4 cups water

1/3 c raw honey

1/3 c lemon juice (or 3-4 lemons, juiced and seeds strained out)

1 lemon, cut into 4

optional: Ice


Heat the water and honey together just until dissolved. In a 2.5+ qt pitcher mix together the peppermint tea, lemon juice, and honey water. Squeeze the lemon quarters in, and top up with ice if you’re wanting to drink right away. Otherwise put it in the fridge for later! Enjoy!



One thought on “Honey Sweetened Peppermint Lemonade

  1. I had a glass of lemonade with lavender, basil and mint at a restaurant a few weeks ago – amazing. I’ve been dreaming of making it ever since – now I’ve got extra incentive because it’ll be so gosh darn good for me! 😉

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