Got Fruit Flies? Lets get rid of them!

I have a confession:

I had fruit flies in my kitchen for a week before I decided to do anything about them. If I just ignore them they don’t bother me. But once I decide to get rid of them? Bring it on.

Mac said: “Mom, do fruit flies like jam?” “Yes they do Mac.” “They why aren’t they called jam flies?”

Touche Mac.

fruit fly trapIt’s pretty dang simple.

You start with a small ramekin, prep bowl, 1/2 pint or 1/4 pint jar.

In the bottom you put a couple tablespoons of old wine, vinegar, juice or maybe even fruit. It needs to attract them. This was some raspberry infused vinegar I made last year. It’s not my favourite, but the fruit flies seem to adore it so it’s a good use for it.

Stretch tight a small piece of saran wrap over the top. (I actually didn’t have any! When I ran out last I decided not to buy anymore. My Grandma gave me her roll to take a small piece off of!)

Using a small pokey thing such as toothpick, kabob stick or instant read thermometer (I used the latter) poke small holes for them to go in.

Thats in! Put it in a high traffic for fruit flies area. Open up the top, wash it out and replace your ‘bait’ every few days.


Other fruit fly removal/management tips include:

Vacuum them out of the air (for when your husband leaves breeding grounds of of banana peels and watermelon rinds on the counter overnight)

They apparently like to live in the drain. So leave the drain closed and pour bleach down the drain once or twice a day.

Make sure you don’t leave any fruit on the counter at all! Even fruit fly covers only work to a certain extent.

Wash off fruit as it comes into your house.


Now go forth and get those darn flies!


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