Season your Cast Iron Barbeque

Popping in quick to show you how I seasoned my Grandma’s Cast Iron barbeque that we use all the time! I noticed it was sticking bad and it drove me nutso. I don’t want my fish/venison/chicken sticking!

I had this *Iightbuuuulb* moment where I realized that I could season it just like I season my cast iron frying pans!


When your barbeque is cold, use your barbeque brush to scrape off all the stuck on bits.

Then, using your fingers, smear lard or tallow (the only fat I have experience with doing this. It works great!) onto the grill. You can render your own lard or tallow using the same process as lard.

Then, turn on the barbeque and you’ll want it to be at about 300 degrees. It will take a bit of playing to figure out where that is. Next, leave it on for an hour. Then, without opening the lid, turn off the barbeque (and your propane tank!).

Shazzam! That fish won’t stick now. I was so impressed with how well this worked. Unfortunately I’m going to have to do it again soon as it has been treated badly since, as well as never having been seasoned before. This made a drastic improvement though and was easy to do! I forgot to take an after photo…so you’ll have to be happy with the smeared on tallow picture before!

Enjoy and let me konw how it goes for you!


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