Hunters wife? I got yo back.

As deer season gets closer and closer (T-3 sleeps) I thought I’d offer a bit of support for fellow wives of those men we thought were just our husband when we married them until deer season came along and they became a different person—A Hunter. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love going hunting too, but with a 10 month old, it just ain’t happening regularly. 

Marius is stoked to get me out more this year, as last year…well…lets just say I looked and walked like a beached whale/was recovering from this minor (MAJOR) ordeal called childbirth.

So while I am a ‘hunting gal’, more so I’m a ‘hunters wife’. I feel we need humour, endurance, and a host of good recipes to deal with the bagged deer and our changed husband. I don’t know about you? But mine’s already been scouting for weeks. I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t home from milking this morning, even though he’d left 2 hours ago. Oh right, he’s scouting for deer. 

Bow sighted? Check!

Shotgun clean? Check!

Stocked up on ammo? Check!

Forbidding your wife to wash your sweater because it smells like the forest? Check!

Recipes? …recipes? I got yo back!

My Favourite way to make ground meat fancy? Korean Venison

Barbeque ready to grill up a tenderloin or tasty steak? Get on it!

Marinade for your tenderloin or steak? Balsamic Teriyaki all the way!

That marinade not quite your thing? Try Asian Honey Sesame!

Stew for the tougher cuts? Try Dill, Dijon, Lucky, or Basic!

Dang I could go for some Big Game Round Steaks right about meow.

Meatballs? Sweet and Sour all the way!


(Bear hunting this spring. Rifles are illegal on our little island for hunting.)

I can’t say I wasn’t warned…my Mother-in-Law told me he’d become a different person.  I just didn’t quite believe her…

Now go on ye fellow wives! You can do this!




3 thoughts on “Hunters wife? I got yo back.

  1. when i told al (what do you call him on here…drillerman? mountain man?) that i was heading back to the gym to swim laps/use the elliptical this fall he said: “oh you’re getting in shape already for sheep hunt 2014?!” and i said.. “no, i’m getting ready for labor and delivery 2013!”

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