Whats in your CSA box?!

So it’s week 15 on our Bullock Lake Farm  CSA box, and for the last 14 weeks I’ve been meaning to take a picture and show you what we got. What? I never said I wasn’t a procrastinator.

I FINALLY did it this week!



We pay what works out to $25 a week for 20 weeks and I feel its very worth it for our produce prices in our area.

So here’s what I got and what I plan to do with it. From top left clockwise;

1) Kale- Kale Chips! Mac goes crazy for kale chips with nutritional yeast so I make them ‘special just for you!’ and he eats them up in a day.

2) Arugula- Either salad or in a sandwich. The pepperyness of it is wicked good in a sandwich.

3) White Chantarelles! I’ve got a plan to make a bunch of spring rolls and freeze for deep frying and I’ll pop those in there. We’re chantarelle hunters as it is so Marius’ has had loads in omlettes, fried, etc.

4) Cherry Tomatoes- Half got eaten with dinner last night and the other half went with Marius in his lunch for coffee break.

5) Big Tomatoes- Sandwiches, fresh salsa, and who knows where else these will end up!

6) Butternut Squash – When I saw it I KNEW I was going to make butternut squash risotto. Something like this one from Rachel Ray that I had at a friends house. I will use a vegetable peeler to take off the skin then grate it to add in.

7) Some other orange flesh squash? Do you know what it’s called? I like orange flesh squash in chili so that may happen, or it will just get stored because, well, it’s a winter squash that stores well!

8) Sweet peppers, bell and long- Snackin’! We ate most of the red ones with hummus last night, and Marius took the remainder in his lunch.


This was a pretty easy week as far as figuring out what to do. Sometimes I’m stumped! Do you get a CSA box? What did you get this week? Want me to share what I get next week?

4 thoughts on “Whats in your CSA box?!

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