CSA Week 16!

You’re getting these bad boys straight out of camera kids are napping from drive home! I love going to pick up my CSA box from Bullock Lake Farm. It’s a great atmosphere and it’s exciting to see what we’re getting next!

I brought them home in a crate. Cause Im cool like that. Actually, I was at my Moms and this was my crate and I had no reusable grocery bag in my car. Top left clockwise: What is it and what will I do with it:

Tomatoes: Honestly? I don’t like fresh tomatoes. I struggle with what to do with them. Other than salsa and on baguette. I just don’t like them plain. Some will go in sandwiches and I’ll wing it with the rest.

Yellow Zuchinni: I’m thinking a frittata or raw as snacks. Or? Possibilities endless!

Potaotes: Roasted potato salad! Yes!

Sweet long red peppers: Marius will be excited and grab these up for his lunch.

Cherry Tomatoes: Marius will also down most of these tonight and the rest in lunches!

IMG_6253 IMG_6254

I took the bags of greens off the top and snapped a picture. After they got onto the computer I realized the basil on the left was blurry. Oh well!

Basil: Into roasted potato salad, mixed in with the salad greens.

Arugula (bottom right): It will go in sandwiches! Best ever! Stecca will be the bread for sure.

Salad greens: Will be a green salad. That was almost a palendrome.

So tell me! Do you get a CSA box? If so did you get any similar things this week? What did you get? Or did you score some veg/fruit at a farm stand/farmers market! Spill all!



One thought on “CSA Week 16!

  1. I’m with you on the fresh tomatoes – not such a big fan. My favorite way of dealing with them is to cut them in halves or quarters, drizzle with a little olive oil, season with a little s&p and maybe some herbs, and roast in the oven low and slow until they get all wrinkled and caramelized and bursty. I swear, they turn into tomato candy. Toss them on a pizza or into pasta. YUM.

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