Crunchy Tuesdays: Spontaneous Rash on a Toddler

crunchy tuesday


*I am not a doctor or medical professional, this was just my personal experience.*

Last week my 3 yr old niece, Amy, was over. They hadn’t been here 10 minutes when, while colouring, my sister, Molly, noticed a rash on Amy’s neck. Upon further inspection it went to her shoulder and a bit on her back. We both got panicky right away, Molly more so, because within the last 20-30 minutes Molly had got Amy changed into her current clothes and her neck/shoulder had been clear.

Right away Molly said “What can I give her?” The first thing that came to mind was Aconite.  Aconite is a homeopathic remedies for things that are sudden. Arnica and Aconite are the most reached for around here. Arnica for bruises and injuries, Aconite for any sudden onset symptoms. Since this rash was all of a sudden it was the immediate conclusion I came to. I told Molly to look on my iPhone, because I have the ‘mdo’ app which is a doTERRA app for essential oil uses, while I grabbed and administered Aconite. Less is more with homeopathy. Giving 6 little ‘pills’ at once will do no more than giving 2 pills, then an hour later 2 more, then an hour later 2 more. What I was taught is that 3 doses is what should let you know if its working or not. (And if it’s not, to research another remedy) Severe symptoms/injury/illness, give those doses 5 minutes apart. (Bee sting, car crash). Less severe, space them by an hour or two. This wasn’t horrendously severe so I told Mol to give her more an hour later. It’s also important that you don’t drink or eat anything 15 minutes either side of taking a homeopathic remedy. Breastmilk is the only neutral substance.

As for essential oils, Molly chose to make a blend, appropriate for children, for allergic reactions. I have these 1 ml sample bottles, so in one of those she mixed up 6 drops lavender, 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops meleluca. You then put just a drop or so on the following spots: back of neck, bottom of feet, earlobes and inside of wrists. These are places where oils are well absorbed.

She then took Amy home to rest and watch cartoons, because rest is important for your body to heal! An hour or so later I talked to Molly and the rash was no longer raised and bumpy as well as starting to fade. Success in my books! What caused this? Not sure, maybe the new clothes she put on had something on them?

I’m so thankful and blessed with the small amount of essential oil, homeopathic and herbal healing knowledge I have. I literally use one of those every day!

Because this girls way more fun when she’s 100%!



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