Crunchy Tuesdays: Stovetop Cleaner

crunchy tuesday

You know I like to make things from scratch, I’ve never bought a cleaner, I always make them. Except for glass stovetop cleaner, I always bought that. Why? Why did it never occur to me to make it? Well my Grandma mentioned it at pretty much the perfect time. I had just finished the last bottle of my old stuff. And my stovetop looked like this:



I canned tomatoes…and the tomato sauce boiled over…


I can’t believe I just showed you that.

So I mixed up this little concoction. Good chance you have everything in your house already!



Let it sit 20 minutes…and then it took a bit of elbow grease. But the other stuff does too and didn’t work as well as this:



I’m glad it’s now published that my stovetop was once that clean. When someone comes over and sees how it usually is, I can just whip up this photo and be like ‘See? Once it was clean’.

I tell people I have two options when it comes to the house.

Option 1) Keep it tidy, clean, always. (Yeah right)

Option 2) Be able to make a joke of it. When people come over I say “Welcome to our Gong Show!”. Then they chuckle, usually say something like ‘Looks like our place!’ and you get on with your visit. Don’t feel inferior about how you are, embrace it! If theres dishes in the sink? Its because I chose to play with my kids. Laundry waiting to be put away? I went to bed early when Marius was instead of staying up. I’m not saying I never tell my kids they need to wait, or tell Marius I’ll be to bed in 20 minutes, I’m saying that I make concious decisions to spend time where I think it matters. Does this mean this is what you should do? No. This is what works for me. 

And maybe if you’re struggling with some of the things I mentioned you’ll take a page from my book in which case I’d be tickled pink. Lord knows I’ve taken pages from many peoples books, it’s how I’ve grown as a homemaker! And if you know where that dang laundry fairy is you can send her to my place.

Glass Stovetop Cleaner

1/2 c baking soda

5 drops lemon essential oil (Lemon oil is a really good cleaner!)

1 tsp Dr Bronners Liquid Castile Soap

Water, to preference

Mix together baking soda, lemon and soap. Add water to make it more liquidy or more of a paste. Spread on your problem spots and let sit for 20 minutes. Use a clean, very wet cloth to start scrubbing! Also helpful are the little scrubber pads for cleaning stovetops.


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