A Short Mushroom Hunting Narrative

Yesterday I talked about mushroom hunting. I told you that you might become obsessed, but that was okay. Well I was taking pictures of Marius catching the calf the other day, and this is what I also got;

He’s walking towards Will and Red. 


Oh okay, he’s walking behind to herd them around…


Now he’s just looking down?


Success! A lobster mushroom.


To quote Marius on the subject of Mushroom and Deer hunting at this time of year. “I can’t be at home and my mind be at home, my mind is out there. I can’t even be at work and just BE AT WORK. My mind is running through multiple scenerios of where I might find mushrooms/deer.”

My poor, poor, obsessed husband.

At least he’s filling our larder with his obsession and for that I am blessed.


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