3 recipes for Game Sausage Meat

I’ve been trying to post this forever. I even got out a package specifically for it…thawed it in the fridge, then got mastitis and Marius ended up cooking it. Since then, I haven’t cooked it in patties, if we’ve eaten it it’s been cooked crumbled up.

*Note, these recipes have not been tested stuffed in sausage casings, just frozen in 1 pound hunks for sausage patties or crumbled up sausage meat.*

I can’t tell you how many ways I like to use sausage meat. It’s like having really well seasoned ground venison around at all times! This is the first year I’ve made it, and no recipe sounded appealing enough for me. So I winged it. On 20-25 pound batches of meat. Boy was I brave and boy did they turn out well! You can make this with ground beef as well! Or any other game meat! I personally used a very lean venison.

Now lets talk fat, you need to have fat in sausage. No fat=Dry Sausage. Dry sausage=why bother. I got the idea from my sister to buy smoked pork jowls and grind them up (I have a meat grinder, I think you could do this in a food processor is small batches, partially frozen) into the meat. The flavour. OH THE FLAVOUR. If you can’t find smoked pork jowl, ask the butcher counter. If they can’t get it, try to get plain pork fat. It won’t have the smoked flavour, but it will still be wicked awesome.

A note about spices, we buy them from Mountain Rose Herbs. We love their quality, their price and that they’re organic! Can’t be beat.

All the ingredients have their place, so don’t omit willy nilly here! The wine/lemon/lime juice is the ‘acid’, it’s what makes the flavour pop. If you don’t like wine? Well, you wont taste it. If you’re family doesn’t use wine? You could use lemon juice, different flavour but will be equally tasty. I would add 1/2 the amount though. It also may seem like a lot of salt, but spread out it’s not much, and I guarentee you there is more salt in the packaged stuff! I used fresh lemons and limes, because you need the zest anyways. I prefer organic fruit when I’m using the peels, but I actually couldn’t get any this time. Oh well!

In lieu of a picture of the sausage, you’re getting one with me with a deer! I mean really, just picture some ground meat with flecks in it…you got it!


Maple Fennel Game Sausage

This sausage has a hint of sweet and a hint of spice. If you reeeeally don’t like any spice at all (it’s subtle, but the 4 yr old doesn’t like it), lower amount to 1/2 or 1/3. I originally dubbed this the dinner sausage, then realized that a sweet sausage is nice with breakfast. It has flavour notes similar to a mild italian sausage. 

On the left is amounts for a 25 pound batch, the right is numbers for a 5 pound batch.

20 pounds lean venison~ 4 lb
 5 lb smoked jowl~ 1 lb (If using pork fat, use 2/3 this amount)
12 large garlic cloves~3
4 large onions~ 1 med
2/3 c (smoked) chile flakes~ 2 1/2 tbsp
1 c fine sea salt~ 3 tbsp+1 tsp
1 c whole fennel seeds~ 3 tbsp+1 tsp
60 turns fresh ground black pepper~ 12 turns
1 c red wine~3 tbsp+1 tsp
1/2 c maple syrup~ 1 tbsp+2 tsp
Cumin Lime Game Sausage
This one is ZESTY. Man it’s tasty. A little mexican tasting and perfect for tacos! We’ve also enjoyed it in rice and bean casseroles.
On the left is amounts for a 20 pound batch, the right is numbers for a 5 pound batch.
16 lbs lean venison~4 lbs
4 lbs smoked pork jowl~ 1 lb (if using pork fat, use 2/3 this amount)

4 tbsp zest lime~ 1 tbsp
1 c lime juice~ 1/4 c
4 large onions~ 1 onion
15 garlic cloves~ 4 clove
30 turns fresh ground black pepper~ 8 turns
1/2 c (smoked) chile flakes~ 2 tbsp
3/4 c find sea salt~ 3 tbsp
1 c whole cumin seeds~ 1/4 c
Lemon Rosemary Game Sausage
FRESH, is the biggest thing I have to say about this one. The really herby, slightly lemony taste is perfect for bright light flavours. 
3/4 c fresh lemon juice~ 3 tbsp
3 tbsp fresh lemon zest~ 2 tsp
16 lbs lean venison~ 4 lb
4 lbs smoked pork jowl~ 1 lb (if using pork fat, use 2/3 this amount)
3/4 c sea salt~ 3 tbsp
60 turns fresh ground black pepper~ 15 turns
1/4 c (smoked) chile flakes~ 1 tbsp
4 large onions~ 1 large onion
12 garlic cloves~ 3 cloves
4 c fresh rosemary leaves (1 1/3 c dry)~ 1 c fresh 1/3 c dry
The method is the same for all of them;
If you have a meat grinder: Run meat, then fat, then onions, garlic and dry spices (including fresh rosemary) through the grinder. Mix well, add in liquids. Let sit 30 minutes, taste test by frying a small patty, adjust as needed. Package in butcher paper, freezer bags or vacuum pack.
If you don’t have a meat grinder: Use pre ground meat. Use a food processor to finely chop partially frozen jowl to small uniform pieces. Then run onions and garlic through with dry spices(including fresh rosemary). Do in batches as needed for size of machine and batch. Stir in liquids. Let sit 30 minutes, taste test by frying a small patty, adjust as needed. Package in butcher paper, freezer bags or vacuum pack.
Now go forth and make sausage meat! It’s not just for the professional!

4 thoughts on “3 recipes for Game Sausage Meat

  1. Sounds fabulous, Kate. I, too, have my favourite recipes for making with ground pork and I always have some in the freezer in bulk rather than in casings. We use it for everything from pizzas to spaghetti and pasta to Mexican food, to whatever we can invent. But these recipes certainly sound like they are worth a try!

    • Hmmmm…I saw that recipe on Korena’s blog! I’d forgotten about it. I’ll look it up and try it with venison! I do really want to learn to make actual sausages, for now, this is fast and easy!

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